Saturday, January 31, 2004

Drunk on Power?

Bush may not technically be a deserter, but he's probably a "Dry Drunk".

Maybe he should be served another DUI -- for Driving the U.S. into Isolation. After all, what bigger rush could there be than being able to drive the world's biggest military machine to war?

The problem is, once an addict has done something that gets his adrenaline going, he wants to do it again and again.

Craig Nakken, The Addictive Personality:

"Raw power as seen in the eyes of the power-centered person carries with it the right to define what is meaningful and what rules will be followed, as well as the right to gain more power, even at the expense of others. ... For power-centered people, power in the form of control becomes the main goal. The more control they have the more their self-confidence seems to grow. ... Like pleasure seekers, power seekers work hard to feel good, and, for them, the best way to maintain that feel-good feeling is by proving themselves "right" by whatever means possible. ... They think it's okay to reach their goals by resorting to secrecy and exclusivity, and to playing one group against another. Often they believe the end justifies the means -- power at all costs."


"If the by-product of a pleasure-centered life is grief, then the by-product of a power-centered life is fear. Dedication to power produces a narcissistic and paranoid lifestyle that attempts to avoid anxiety and fear by maintaining and increasing its power base whenever possible."

Lesson: Don't press the president's buttons, or he might press THE button.