Friday, November 14, 2003

Miss the National Conference on Media Reform in Madison last weekend?

So did I. But you can see/hear/read a lot of what happened on
Bob McChesney and John Nichols' site (read Bill Moyers' keynote).

Here's a poem related to the issue. Written after seeing a "United We Stand" billboard on the side of the hwy. in Jersey on the way back to DC from the big 2/15 NYC anti-war rally. (I think this was before we heard the stories about their Nuremberg-style pro-war rallies):

Clear Channel: United We Stand

"United We Stand"
Supporting the Man
Because we believe the News
That broadcasts his views
On 1,200 stations
Across the nation
One program -- one brand.
One simple command.
Clear Channel: United We Stand

Originally published in Multinational Monitor.

For details on Clear Channel check out Eric Boehlert's series on Salon.

Prometheus Radio in Philly is a good source of info on Clear Channel. Like this fact sheet

Jim Donahue and Essential Information filed this excellent challenge to CC's license renewal
(gives a good overview of their abuses -- I especially like the one where they offered "10,000"
to anyone who could answer 10 questions correctly -- without explaining that they mean liras, not dollars,
-- 10,000 liras is about $53).