Thursday, January 15, 2004

Iraq Stories You May Have Missed (and other key links)

Sam Gardiner's National War College Report which suggests the White House and Pentagon made up or distorted over 50 war stories (e.g. Jessica Lynch).

Some of Nicholas Kristof's Name That War Contest Winners:

Operation Quicksand
The Mother of Oil Wars
Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL)
Bush's Botch
The Empire Strikes Out
"Coup d'√Čtats Unis"
Rolling Blunder

The documents that O'Neill was holding up on 60 Minutes last week which show a map of the oil regions of Iraq were first revealed by Judicial Watch, who didn't get them from the Pentagon, but from their lawsuit against Cheney for his secret energy task force.

National Security Archive's Saddam Hussein Sourcebook documents U.S.-Saddam ties going back to 1960s, and include the documents SEEN discovered in its research, which uncovered the story about Rumsfeld lobbying Hussein on behalf of a Bechtel pipeline after it was known Saddam was gassing his own citizens. Hence the story behind the handshake.

Calvin Trillin's questions for Bush at press conference.

The opening of a new military mortuary.

Sy Hersh: The Stovepipe

Bushitters' lies about how much the war would cost

George H.W. Bush gives award to Teddy Kennedy!! See story by Georgie Anne Geyer.

A detailed analysis of how wrong Bush was by Thomas Powers, NY Review of Books (12/3/03)